Taxi 1998 film - Wikipedia.
It is the first installment in the Taxi film series. It has four sequels, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, Taxi 4 and Taxi 5 and one English-language remake, Taxi 2004. It also provided the premise for the 2014 American television show, Taxi Brooklyn.
Taxi - Wikipedia.
Most places allow a taxi to be hailed" or flagged" on the side of the street as it is approaching. Another option is a taxi stand sometimes also called a cab" stand, hack" stand, taxi" rank, or cab" rank. Taxi stands are usually located at airports, railway stations, major retail areas malls, hotels and other places where a large number of passengers are likely to be found. In some places-Japan, for example-taxi stands are arranged according to the size of the taxis, so that large- and small-capacity cabs line up separately. The taxi at the front of the line is due barring unusual circumstances for the next fare. Passengers also commonly call a central dispatch office for taxis. In some jurisdictions, private hire vehicles can only be hired from the dispatch office, and must be assigned each fare by the office by radio or phone.

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